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    Estate Planning

    Dying without a Will or a proper succession plan for your business can cause both anguish and financial loss for those left behind.
    Are your assets protected in the event of your death?
    By managing your estate while you’re still alive, you can make sure your estate is passed on to your beneficiaries in the most financially efficient and tax effective way possible.

    Working closely with legal advisors, our taxation and business specialists can help you manage your estate by:
    •    establishing an estate plan
    •    planning and managing assets transfer
    •    preparing wills and powers of attorney
    •    resolving family disputes
    •    appraising family wealth
    •    administering deceased estates
    •    forming and structuring companies and trusts

    Will you be retiring in style?
    Most people want to look forward to a comfortable retirement free from financial worries. Yet many are unprepared for this big financial commitment.

    Wearne & Co's specialist advisors can help you plan for your retirement by:
    •    advising on life insurance and superannuation
    •    valuing your business
    •    preparing a succession plan
    •    advising on Centrelink pension eligibility.