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    state taxes

    Payroll tax

    Payroll tax is applied to a business's New South Wales (NSW) wages that exceed the payroll tax threshold.

    The payroll tax rate is 5.45%.

    The payroll tax threshold for 2014-15 (July – June) is $750,000. There are a number of factors that determine whether you are entitled to the full threshold.

    Inter-state employees.
    If you employee staff in another State or Territory, the threshold will be determined as a proportion of your total wages

    Part of a business group
    A business group only receives one threshold and upon registration a business is nominated as the relevant entity to receive the threshold.

    Wages paid only for part year
    If the business is formed (or ceased employing) part was thought the year, the threshold is reduced based on the number of days employing staff as a percentage of the days in the year.

    Land tax

    Land tax is applied to the value of any property owned that is above the land tax threshold as at midnight on 31 December.

    Land tax is levied on the value of the land as supplied by the Valuer General you values land as at 1 July. For strata units, the land value for each individual strata lot is calculated on a proportional basis, using the unit entitlement for each lot and the aggregate for the strata scheme.

    Land tax is not applied to your principal place of residence (your home).

    Land tax is calculated on the total value of all your taxable land above the land tax threshold ($412,000).

    The amount of tax paid is $100 and 1.6 per cent of the land value between the threshold and the premium rate threshold ($2,482,000) and 2 per cent thereafter.

    For more information on land tax

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